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Hierarchic clustering was performed of patients using plasma levels of cytokines, chemokines and markers of endotoxemia to investigate global distribution along the 5 histological subgroups.

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posted on 2016-12-19, 18:30 authored by Johannie du Plessis, Hannelie Korf, Jos van Pelt, Petra Windmolders, Ingrid Vander Elst, An Verrijken, Guy Hubens, Luc Van Gaal, David Cassiman, Frederik Nevens, Sven Francque, Schalk van der Merwe

Fig 3A. Hierarchic cluster analysis was performed using iFABP, LBP, LPS and sCD14. Using these markers only a group enriched with cirrhotic patients could be distinguished from the rest. In Fig 3B we used clustering on 5 cytokine/inflammation markers (CCL2, CCL3, TNFα, IL6 and IL8), whereby 3 blocks could be distinguished with some patients misclassified, using the same statistical setting (Euclidian distance, McQuitty’s linkage rule and normalized Z-score, see [22]). Abbreviations: CIR: cirrhosis; OB: obese with no NAFL; NFL: NAFL; NFR: NASH with fibrosis and NSH: NASH.