Hearts of myriapods.

2018-09-20T17:53:54Z (GMT) by Torben Göpel Christian S. Wirkner

A: Part of the heart of Scutigera coleoptrata (dorsal view, cLSM), asterisk indicates narrowed region under the overlap of two consecutive tergites. B: Part of the heart of Geophilus flavus (dorsal view, cLSM) between the longitudinal trunk musculature (purple), tracheae are located near the ostia. C: Part of the heart of Polydesmus complanatus (dorsal view, cLSM), arrowhead indicates the origin of a cardiac artery which was ripped off during preparation. D: Part of the heart of Glomeris marginata (lateral view, μCT) in an unrolled specimen. ca: cardiac artery; ost: ostium; ter: tergite; tra: trachea.