Hearts of malacostracan crustaceans.

2018-09-20T17:53:54Z (GMT) by Torben Göpel Christian S. Wirkner

Heart of Nebalia herbstii (lateral view, fluo). B, C: Myocard and ostium of Anaspides tasmaniae (B: lateral view of exterior, C: interior, μCT), arrowhead indicates double layer of myofibers running in opposite directions. D: Heart of Apseudes spinosus (ventral view, cLSM). E: Ostia and origins of cardiac arteries of A. spinosus (ventral view, cLSM). F: Heart of Neomysis integer (ventral view, cLSM). G: Heart of Munida sarsi (dorsal view, μCT), dorsal surface virtually clipped to show bundles of myofibers running through the heart lumen. aav: anterior aortic valve; ca: cardiac artery; ost: ostium; pa: posterior aorta.