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Haplotype structure of three clades in the N block.

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posted on 29.06.2016, 14:54 by Alejandro Cáceres, Tõnu Esko, Irene Pappa, Armand Gutiérrez, Maria-Jose Lopez-Espinosa, Sabrina Llop, Mariona Bustamante, Henning Tiemeier, Andres Metspalu, Peter K. Joshi, James F. Wilsonx, Judith Reina-Castillón, Jean Shin, Zdenka Pausova, Tomáš Paus, Jordi Sunyer, Luis A. Pérez-Jurado, Juan R. González

A) The MDS analysis in the CD region reveals three clusters that correspond to six different genotypes, with low Mendelian errors of transmission. B) NJ plot showing the phylogenetic relationships between N1a, N1b and N2. The chimp allele is found in the clade N1b.