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Haplotype sharing analyses of 161 dog breeds including the LBD and ALBD.

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posted on 2020-09-10, 17:22 authored by Muhammad Basil Ali, Jacquelyn M. Evans, Heidi G. Parker, Jaemin Kim, Susan Pearce-Kelling, D. Thad Whitaker, Jocelyn Plassais, Qaiser M. Khan, Elaine A. Ostrander

Haplotype comparison analyses for both LBD (A) and ALBD (B) with 23 domestic dog breed clades, colored separately, are shown. Analysis used a window size of 1900 SNPS with an overlap of 50 SNPs. Breeds are listed and colored on the x-axis. Colors correspond to the 23 previously reported dog breed clades. The y-axis indicates combined haplotype sharing. Breed abbreviations can be found in S2 Table. A significance level of 95% of all across breed sharing is indicated by the horizontal line. Pairs which did not share a haplotype were set at 250,000 bp for graphing.