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HPV1 and 8 E8- genomes replicate in normal human keratinocytes.

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posted on 2016-04-11, 23:02 authored by Marcel Dreer, Jasmin Fertey, Saskia van de Poel, Elke Straub, Johannes Madlung, Boris Macek, Thomas Iftner, Frank Stubenrauch

HPV1 and 8 wt or E8- genomes were transfected into normal human keratinocytes and low-molecular weight DNA was isolated 7d p.t. and analyzed by DpnI digestion and Southern blot. Linearized HPV1 or HPV8 genomes (100pg) were used as a molecular size marker (M). The positions of DpnI-resistant, replicated (rep.) and DpnI-sensitive, non-replicated (non-rep.) genomes are indicated.