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HPV16 genome integration does not disrupt host topologically associating domain (TAD) boundaries at the integration site in W12 clones G2 and D2.

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posted on 2021-08-25, 17:41 authored by Ian J. Groves, Emma L. A. Drane, Marco Michalski, Jack M. Monahan, Cinzia G. Scarpini, Stephen P. Smith, Giovanni Bussotti, Csilla Várnai, Stefan Schoenfelder, Peter Fraser, Anton J. Enright, Nicholas Coleman

(A, D) Hi-C data for W12 clone G2 is compared to (B, E) Hi-C data for W12 clone D2 using (C, F) an insulation score interpreting the boundaries of topologically associating domains (TADs) for HPV16 integration sites within W12 clone G2 (Chr5: 50–55 Mbp; left column) and W12 clone D2 (Chr5: 164.6–169.6 Mbp, right column) showing no significant change to either window. Black arrowhead = integration site.