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HPLC chromatogram and pools representation.

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posted on 29.10.2014, 03:00 by Beatriz Martín-Fernández, Natalia de las Heras, María Valero-Muñoz, Sandra Ballesteros, Yi-Zhou Yao, Peter G. Stanton, Peter J. Fuller, Vicente Lahera

Column: Waters Novapak C18 60Å 4 µm, 30×0.39 cm. Flow rate = 1 ml/min. Buffer A: 2% CH3COOH. Buffer B: 2% CH3COOH, 25% CH3CN. Arrow indicates column strip with 2% CH3COOH, 75% CH3CN. Sample volume loaded = 1 ml. Fractions collected at 1 min intervals. Pools compound of 10 individual fractions; P1∶1–10, P2∶11–20, P3∶21–30. P4∶31–40, P5∶41–50, P6∶51–60, P7∶61–70, P8∶71–80, P9∶81–90 and P10∶91–100.