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HDAC2 inhibition reversed the memory impairment caused by maternal isoflurane exposure.

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posted on 18.08.2016, 17:35 authored by Foquan Luo, Yan Hu, Weilu Zhao, Zhiyi Zuo, Qi Yu, Zhiyi Liu, Jiamei Lin, Yunlin Feng, Binda Li, Liuqin Wu, Lin Xu

(a) Target quadrant traveling time. The target quadrant traveling time in SAHA treated sugroup was significant more than relative non-SAHA subgroups (* p < 0.05); The traveling time in I2S, I4S and I8S group was not significantly different from that in CN group. (b) Platform crossing times. The platform-crossing times in SAHA treated sugroups increased compared with their relative non-SAHA subgroups, but had no statistical differences. The platform-crossing times in I8S subgroup was still less than CN group (* p < 0.05).