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HAI-1 mRNA expression inversely associates with HGF and predicts for poor tumor immunogenicity.

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posted on 29.06.2021, 17:23 by Stanley Borowicz, Daniel R. Principe, Matthew J. Dorman, Austin J. McHenry, Gautam Sondarva, Sandeep Kumar, Vijayalakshmi Ananthanarayanan, Patricia E. Simms, Ashley Hess, Ajay Rana

Patient mRNA profiles from the OncoSG dataset were evaluated for expression of HAI-1 (SPINT1) and HGF. The expression of these genes were related to (A) each other, (B, C) the epithelial surrogate CDH1, (D, E) the pan-leukocyte marker CD45 (PRTPC), (F, G) the macrophage marker CD68, or (H, I) the M2 macrophage marker iNOS (NOS2). The Spearman’s Correlation Coefficient (D) and P value of all potential interactions are displayed above.