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Growth profiles can predict virulence and presence of virulence factors.

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posted on 28.10.2020, 17:57 by Marco Galardini, Olivier Clermont, Alexandra Baron, Bede Busby, Sara Dion, Sören Schubert, Pedro Beltrao, Erick Denamur

A-D) Volcano plots for the correlation between the strains’ growth profiles and: A) virulence levels, B) presence of the HPI, C) presence of aerobactin, and D) presence of sitABCD. E-F) Use of the strains’ growth profiles to build a predictor of virulence levels and presence of the three iron uptake systems. E) Receiver operating characteristic (ROC) curves and F) Precision-Recall curve for the four tested predictors. G) Feature importance for the predictors, showing the top 15 conditions contributing to the virulence level predictor.