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Grouping of samples based on larval fish community structure.

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posted on 03.08.2017, 18:01 by Stamatina Isari, John K. Pearman, Laura Casas, Craig T. Michell, Joao Curdia, Michael L. Berumen, Xabier Irigoien

(A) Ordination plot of the comparison between samples (I: inshore, O: offshore) using non-metric multidimensional scaling and Bray–Curtis similarity index. Cluster groups a-d identified at 26% similarity level are superimposed and mean relative contribution of major taxa (Gobiidae, Mesopelagic families, Apogonidae, Scaridae) in each group is presented in pies (missing part of the pie corresponds to remaining families). Significant multiple regression between ordination scores and average temperature at the sampling layer is shown, as well as the fraction (%) of variance in the fish larval data explained by this parameter. (B) Average larval abundance, species richness and Shannon’s index for the groups of samples identified by the cluster analysis (Groups a-d) (C) Schematic representation of cluster of samples based on species and family composition.