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Gossypol prevents collagen gene expression.

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posted on 24.05.2018, 18:02 by Jennifer L. Judge, David J. Nagel, Kristina M. Owens, Ashley Rackow, Richard P. Phipps, Patricia J. Sime, R. M. Kottmann

Mice were exposed to bleomycin and treated with gossypol as indicated in Fig 2 and sacrificed on day 7. Collagen 1α1 and collagen 3α1 gene expression were measured by qRT-PCR. Data are displayed as fold changes from saline and vehicle treated controls normalized to 18S. Collagen 1α1 mRNA was measured on day 7 (A) and day 21 (B). Collagen 3α1 mRNA was measured on day 7(C) and day 21 (D). Data are displayed as mean ± SEM. *p≤0.05 by ANOVA. n = 3–9 mice per group.