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Glycosylation levels of PDI1-1 in the mature seed of five Mexican barley cultivars (19, 04, 23, 18 and 11) grown under field conditions.

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posted on 2018-11-14, 18:49 authored by Jorge Herrera-Díaz, Mariela K. Jelezova, Felipe Cruz-García, Tzvetanka D. Dinkova

Proteins were extracted from whole seeds, separated on denaturing 12% PAGE and blotted to a PVDF membrane. The membrane was detected for glycosylated proteins with PRO-Q Emerald staining, total proteins with SYPRO-Ruby staining and western blot for PDI1-1 (A). All the images were superposed to analyze the glycosylation levels of PDI1-1 in each cultivar. The detection was performed for six independent membranes corresponding to three protein extractions. The glycosylation level was estimated according to the densitometry analysis of gPDI1-1/PDI1-1/SYPRO-lane and reported as fold change in cultivars 04, 23, 18 and 11 with respect to the value found for cultivar 19 (B). The analysis from all replicates rendered significantly different glycosylation levels for PDI1-1 from cultivar 23 at p < 0.0001 (***).