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Glrx expression in cockroach antigen (CRA)-induced allergic lungs.

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posted on 25.01.2019 by Ellen O. Weinberg, Beatriz Ferran, Yuko Tsukahara, Michaela M. S. Hatch, Jingyan Han, Colin E. Murdoch, Reiko Matsui

WT and IL-33 KO mice were treated with CRA as described in the methods. Glrx protein expression in the lungs was examined by Western blotting. Relative expression of Glrx to β-tubulin by densitometry was compared between Saline and CRA treated lungs. Expression of Glrx protein in response to CRA was diminished in IL-33 KO mice compared to WT mice. (n = 5–7 mice/group, **p<0.01, ***p<0.001).