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Geographical distribution of Rhinocladiella mackenziei cerebral phaeohyphomycosis (N = 36).

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posted on 19.08.2021, 17:25 authored by Baptiste Lafont Rapnouil, Jérémie F. Cohen, Eric Bailly, Louis Bernard, Dea Garcia-Hermoso, Fanny Lanternier, Catherine Horodyckid, Lucie Limousin, Ephrem Salamé, Ilyess Zemmoura, Guillaume Desoubeaux, Olivier Lortholary

In black, countries with confirmed cases. In dark gray, countries with possible contamination. In light gray, countries where diagnoses were made but unlikely to be at risk for contamination (probable imported cases). If several countries were possibly incriminated, priority was given to the country with other confirmed cases if present; else, every country was considered as “possible contamination.” Articles used in this figure are reported in S1 Table. Map template can be found at