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Genomic heterozygosity of individual S. stercoralis.

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posted on 2019-05-06, 17:33 authored by Siyu Zhou, Xiaoyin Fu, Pei Pei, Marek Kucka, Jing Liu, Lili Tang, Tingzheng Zhan, Shanshan He, Yingguang Frank Chan, Christian Rödelsperger, Dengyu Liu, Adrian Streit

The heterozygosity on the autosomes is plotted against the heterozygosity on the X chromosome for S. stercoralis individuals from different geographical locations. Cn: China; Kh: Cambodia; MyHTB: Myanmar; Rk: Japan; Ref: US-derived reference laboratory strain PV001. All samples in Fig 4 that fulfilled the read coverage criteria described in Materials and Methods were included in this analysis. The samples from Cn represent four different hosts from the village, two hospital patients and all three cox1 haplotypes (c.f. S4 file).