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Genome-wide diversity and selective pressure in the human rhinovirus-0

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posted on 2011-12-30, 18:29 authored by Amy L Kistler, Dale R Webster, Silvi Rouskin, Vince Magrini, Joel J Credle, David P Schnurr, Homer A Boushey, Elaine R Mardis, Hao Li, Joseph L DeRisi

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Taken from "Genome-wide diversity and selective pressure in the human rhinovirus"


Virology Journal 2007;4():40-40.

Published online 3 May 2007


e sequence of HRVs and representative HEV species. Dark gray box, HRV subgroup A genomes (27 genomes), pale gray box, HRV subgroup B genomes (7 genomes). Bold, HRV strains sequenced in this study (28 genomes); plain text, whole genome sequences for previously sequenced HRV genomes (NCBI accession numbers: HRV001b, 221708; HRV002, 61098; HRV014, 9626735; HRV016, 409463; HRV039, 53987041; HRV89, 9627730; HRV87/HEV68, 41019061) and HEV genome sequences (NCBI accession numbers: HEVA, NC_001612; HEVB, NC_001472; HEVC, NC_001428; HEVD, NC_001430). B. Whole genome pairwise amino acid identity matrix. Deduced amino acid sequences from the coding region of the 35 fully sequenced HRV genomes were compared in all possible pairwise combinations then clustered on both the X and Y-axis according to similarity in pairwise sequence identity profiles. HRV serotype is indicated by number on X and Y-axis flanking the matrix, HRVA and HRVB subgroup membership is shown in black bar above serotype identifiers.


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