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Genetic mapping of the ihs locus.

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posted on 2020-06-05, 17:29 authored by Kenta Nakano, Rieko Yanobu-Takanashi, Yukiko Shimizu, Yuki Takahashi, Koki Hiura, Masaki Watanabe, Hayato Sasaki, Tadashi Okamura, Nobuya Sasaki

a. The haplotype analysis of ihs locus on chromosome 18 using 96 N2 progeny. A black box indicates the heterozygosity for the B6 allele (B6/ihs). A white box indicates the homozygosity for the ihs allele (ihs/ihs). The number of N2 progeny with each genotype is listed at the bottom of each column. b. Schematic diagram of the ihs locus. The region of the ihs locus is shown by braiding. c. LRS score plot for QTL of blood glucose at 60 min after oral glucose administration in 96 N2 progeny. One highly significant peak (LRS score 124.5) is located on chromosome 18. The vertical solid line (LRS score 19.4) and dotted line (LRS score 12.1) indicate highly significant and significant threshold levels for the LRS score, respectively. The vertical black bar indicates the 95% confidence interval.