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Genes contributing to the production of miR156 and miR157 in vegetative shoots.

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posted on 2018-04-19, 17:59 authored by Jia He, Mingli Xu, Matthew R. Willmann, Kevin McCormick, Tieqiang Hu, Li Yang, Colby G. Starker, Daniel F. Voytas, Blake C. Meyers, R. Scott Poethig

(A) Northern blot analysis of miR156 and miR157 levels in the shoot apices of 11-day-old wild-type Col and mir156/mir157 mutants grown in LD. In Col, the miR156 and miR157 probes hybridize to 21 and 20 nt bands. A comparison of the effect of different mutations on the intensity of these bands indicates that the 20 nt transcript is miR156 and the 21 band is primarily miR157, with a small contribution from miR156d. The intensity of the 20 nt and 21 nt bands on the blot probed with a 1:1 mixture of the miR156 and miR157 probes was quantified by normalizing the intensity of each band to t-Met, and then to Col; these data are shown in the table below the figure. (B) Northern blot analysis of miR156 and miR157 levels in LP1&2 of wild-type and mutant plants grown in SD. The blots were hybridized with 1:1 mixed miR156 and miR157 probes, and the results were quantified as described above.