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Gene transcripts involved in immune evasion and adherence are down regulated in the ΔRSM strain compared to WT.

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posted on 2019-06-17, 17:34 authored by Taylor M. Nye, Kristin M. Jacob, Elena K. Holley, Juan M. Nevarez, Suzanne Dawid, Lyle A. Simmons, Michael E. Watson Jr.

A) Heatmap of differentially expressed genes between WT and ΔRSM strains. Replicates in triplicate are represented on the x-axis and published/putative gene functions are on the y-axis with gene references to the MEW123 genome. Relative expression is compared row-wise with more highly expressed replicates in red. B) Verification of RNA-Seq data using qRT-PCR with individual primer sets shown on the x-axis for the ΔRSM mutant (blue), complemented mutant strain ΔRSM/pRSM (green), hsdR single gene mutant ΩRE (orange), and the Δmga mutant (purple). The y-axis indicates Relative Transcript Levels for individual transcripts compared to recA reference transcript. Each gene transcript was analyzed in triplicate. Shown is fold change compared to WT expression, with genes showing greater than two-fold change as significant. Genes extending lower than the x-axis were down-regulated several hundred-fold.