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GSK445A shows similar activities in cells from humans and RM.

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posted on 2022-01-18, 18:36 authored by Afam A. Okoye, Rémi Fromentin, Hiroshi Takata, Jessica H. Brehm, Yoshinori Fukazawa, Bryan Randall, Marion Pardons, Vincent Tai, Jun Tang, Jeremy Smedley, Michael Axthelm, Jeffrey D. Lifson, Louis J. Picker, David Favre, Lydie Trautmann, Nicolas Chomont

Expressions of cell surface CD69 (A), intracellular p-NFκB (B) and intracellular cyclin T1 (C) following stimulation with increasing doses of GSK445A were measured by flow cytometry in CD4+ T cells from 4 RM. Representative histograms (left panels) and dose response curves (right panels) are shown. D: EC50 of GSK5445A for induction of CD69, pNF-κB and cyclin T1. (E) Cellular toxicity of GSK445A was evaluated by exposing increasing doses of the compound to isolated CD4+ T cells from 3 virally suppressed individuals (left panel) and 4 RM (right panel).