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GIF robustness of Cryptococcus kinase deletion mutants.

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posted on 2021-10-08, 20:04 authored by Pengjie Hu, Hao Ding, Lan Shen, Guang-Jun He, Huimin Liu, Xiuyun Tian, Changyu Tao, Xiangzheng Bai, Jingnan Liang, Cheng Jin, Xinping Xu, Ence Yang, Linqi Wang

(A) Low-density cells of different strains were plated onto GlcN medium and cultured for 3 days to form isolated mini-colonies. The mini-colonies exhibited heterogeneity in filamentation and the strength of GIF was reflected by the filamentous incidence in mini-colonies. The kinase deletion mutants constructed by Yong-Sun Bahn’s group were obtained from the Fungal Genetics Stock Center. Scale bar, 100 μm. (B) Phenotype scores are indicated in distinct colors based on semiquantitative phenotypic evaluation of 129 kinase mutant strains. Transcriptional dynamics for each kinase were determined according to time-series RNA sequencing data targeting GIF. (C) A receiver operating characteristic (ROC) curve was used to evaluate the accuracy of the approach employed to evaluate phenotypic traits related to GIF robustness in 129 kinase mutants. AUC, area under the ROC curve.