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Functional rank-richness distribution curves for bat assemblages at ten locations in Bolivia.

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posted on 06.07.2016 by Luis F. Aguirre, Flavia A. Montaño-Centellas, M. Mercedes Gavilanez, Richard D. Stevens

Curves were constructed for each study site by ranking functional groups from those with the greatest number of species to those with the least number of species. Functional groups are: CFRUG = Canopy frugivores, UFRUG = understory frugivores, NECT = nectarivores, CARN = carnivores, OMN = omnivores, PISCI = piscivores, SANG = sanguinivores, HCSGI = highly cluttered space gleaning insectivores, HCSAI = highly cluttered space aerial insectivores and BCSAI = background cluttered space aerial insectivores.