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Functional property of S-Ag specific T cells disclosed on the basis of cytokine secretion

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posted on 31.12.2011, 20:38 by Changlin Zhao, Peizeng Yang, Hao He, Xiaomin Lin, Bing Li, Hongyan Zhou, Xiangkun Huang, Aize Kijlstra
PBMCs from all subjects were stimulated with or without mixed S-Ag peptides plus anti-CD28 for 72 h. The culture supernatants were collected and assessed for the production of IFN-γ (), TNF-α (), and IL-17 () by ELISA. The difference in cytokine levels between the negative control and S-Ag stimulation in four groups was analyzed using Student’s -test. The cytokine production by PBMCs upon S-Ag stimulation in each of the four groups was analyzed by ANOVA. Significant statistical difference was set at p

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Taken from "S-antigen specific T helper type 1 response is present in Behcet’s disease"

Molecular Vision 2008;14():1456-1464.

Published online 07 Aug 2008



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