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Functional complementation of SecA fragments with C-terminal fragment C34.

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posted on 02.06.2017, 17:37 by Ying-hsin Hsieh, Ying-ju Huang, Hao Zhang, Qian Liu, Yang Lu, Hsiuchin Yang, John Houghton, Chun Jiang, Sen-Fang Sui, Phang C. Tai

(A) Channel activity in SecA domains reconstituted with C34, SecA610-901. (B) Translocation activity in SecA domains reconstituted with C34. N609 together with C34 have no activity, and could serve as internal negative controls. The reactions were conducted with liposomes with SecYEG or SecYEG-SecDFC as indicated. 100% translocation activity is SecA with SecYEG-DFC.