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Frequency distribution of DNA tetranucleotide usage profiles of selected bacteriophages

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posted on 31.12.2011, 00:51 by David T Pride, Trudy M Wassenaar, Chandrabali Ghose, Martin J Blaser

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Taken from "Evidence of host-virus co-evolution in tetranucleotide usage patterns of bacteriophages and eukaryotic viruses"

BMC Genomics 2006;7():8-8.

Published online 18 Jan 2006


Copyright © 2006 Pride et al; licensee BioMed Central Ltd.

The observed/expected TUD was determined for the 256 tetranucleotide combinations for each genome, as described in Materials and Methods. The resulting values were sorted within 0.25 intervals and the ordinate represents the number of tetranucleotide combinations within each interval. Panel A: Blue – All bacteriophages studied. Panel B: Red – Enterobacteria phage HK022 (Siphoviridae), Green – Enterobacteria phage P2 (Myoviridae), Blue – phage V (Podoviridae). Panel C: Red – Enterobacteria phage HK022, Green – phage Bxz1 (Myoviridae), Blue – phage Corndog (Siphoviridae).


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