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Free-air pumps in HF rats resemble those in voluntary motionlessness.

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posted on 26.05.2020, 17:37 by Avner Wallach, David Deutsch, Tess Baker Oram, Ehud Ahissar

Abscissa in all panels: maximal head velocity for samples analyzed from the freely moving data set (i.e., only cycles in which head velocity did not exceed this value were taken); ∞ = entire data set. (A) Probability of protraction (filled circles) and retraction (empty circles) pumps for HF (blue) and freely moving (red) rats. (B) Ratio between protraction and retraction pump probabilities. (C) Distributions of protraction (median: filled circles; interquartile range: light shading) and retraction (median: empty circles; interquartile range: dark shading) durations for HF (blue) and freely moving (red) rats. (D) Protraction-retraction duration ratio for HF (blue) and freely moving (red) rats (median: asterisks; interquartile range: shading). ***p < 0.005. The data and analysis code for this figure can be found here: https://github.com/avner-wallach/Rat-Behavior.git. HF, head-fixed; n.s., not significant.