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Fractions of Fragaria vesca accession 300 carry antagonist egg activity.

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posted on 2020-06-02, 17:23 authored by Lasse B. Bräcker, Xiaoyun Gong, Christian Schmid, Corinna Dawid, Detlef Ulrich, Tuyen Phung, Alexandra Leonhard, Julia Ainsworth, Klaus Olbricht, Martin Parniske, Nicolas Gompel

The schematic depicts the experimental flow from fractionation to the assessment of fraction activity. Upon fractionation with three different solvents, the fractions were tested in agarose plates onto which fly embryos were let to develop. The hatching rate was reduced for methanol/water and ethyl acetate fractions, but not for the water fraction. All percentages were normalized to the hatching rate of the control.