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Four species of Edestus.

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posted on 2019-09-04, 17:30 authored by Leif Tapanila, Jesse Pruitt

(A) E. heinrichi crown, AMNH 466G. (B) X-ray of two small whorls of E. heinrichi, FMNH HQ 492 B-2. (C) E. minor crown, GSM 49368. (D) E. triserratus tooth, FMNH UC 2092. (E) E. triserratus tooth, GSM 31410. Scale bar same for A-E. (F) E. minor associated upper and lower whorls, USNM 7255; (G) X-ray of subadult E. triserratus associate upper and lower whorls with anterior jaws, FMNH PF 8047. Note two crowns lacking bases forming at posterior of upper whorl (arrow). (H) Adult E. triserratus upper whorl, CAS specimen, oriented with (I) similarly-sized lower whorl of E. triserratus, AMNH 485. (J) E. heinrichi whorl, AMNH 488 cast, plastotype. (K) E. heinrichi whorl, USNM V 182450. (L) E. heinrichi whorl, AMNH 6049. (M) X-ray of E. heinrichi whorl, FMNH HQ 26. (N) E. heinrichi tooth, FMNH HQ 1374 A3. (O) E. vorax, AMNH 225, note that all crown apices have been repaired. Scale bar same for G-O. Images C, E courtesy of British Geological Survey.