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Formation of syncytium upon RSV infection of human and ovine LR-MSCs.

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posted on 2021-07-28, 17:36 authored by Melanie Brügger, Thomas Démoulins, G. Tuba Barut, Beatrice Zumkehr, Blandina I. Oliveira Esteves, Kemal Mehinagic, Quentin Haas, Aline Schögler, Marie-Anne Rameix-Welti, Jean-François Eléouët, Ueli Moehrlen, Thomas M. Marti, Ralph A. Schmid, Artur Summerfield, Horst Posthaus, Nicolas Ruggli, Sean R. R. Hall, Marco P. Alves

(A, B) Representative micrographs of pediatric (A) and ovine (B) LR-MSCs infected with 0.1 PFU/cell of RSV-mCherry 48–72 hours p.i. Giant multinucleated cells, indicative of syncytium formation, were observed. Yellow arrowheads indicate clusters of nuclei and the yellow dashed line indicates a giant multinucleated cell. PC, phase-contrast. Magnification 100X (PC, pediatric LR-MSCs) and 400X (PC and RSV, ovine LR-MSCs). Scale bar, 125 μm.