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Forest plot without a pooled estimate demonstrating the effectiveness of exercise training reducing pain at immediate term follow up.

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posted on 10.06.2020, 17:30 authored by Jonathan Price, Alison Rushton, Isaak Tyros, Vasileios Tyros, Nicola R Heneghan

Data is grouped by the exercise training programme considered to be the experimental intervention with comparator interventions identified for each trial. Where trials report multiple treatment arms, each comparator is reported separately. Exercise training programmes compared to other eligible exercise training programmes are presented twice so that both treatment arms can be considered the experimental intervention. All values reported using Numeric Rating Scale/Visual Analogue Scale unless otherwise indicated A–Maximum Visual Analogue Scale (VAS); B–Minimum VAS; C–VAS at Rest; D–VAS on activity. Abbreviations: SD—Standard Deviation; CI—Confidence Interval.