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Fluorescent tomographic imaging of mice (A) Bar diagram representing the quantification of fluorescence (Thrombosis) (B) Fluorescent tomographic imaging of carotid artery (n = 3) probed with AngioSense 750 EX showing a reduction in arterial injury upon pretreatment with rhuGSN.

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posted on 2019-04-19, 17:38 authored by Ashok Kumar Gupta, Bhupinder Singh Chopra, Bhavna Vaid, Amin Sagar, Sachin Raut, Maulik D. Badmalia, Ashish, Neeraj Khatri

Images in inset represent 90° view of corresponding 3D geometry of the carotid artery in mice of different groups. Data are presented as the median± SD (n = 3). **P <0.01.