Flow cytometry analyses of keratinocyte basal and differentiated populations bound by TAMRA and EM-TAMRA.

EM-TAMRA labeling of both basal and differentiated keratinocytes were performed in 4°C at a dose of 500 nM. The labeled cells were subjected to population based flow cytometry analysis to study basal keratinocytes (A and C) and differentiated keratinocytes (B and D) using TAMRA dye alone (A and B) and EM-TAMRA (C and D). Representative images in (C) and (D) show specific separation of sub-population in EM-TAMRA labeled basal and differentiated keratinocytes distinct from TAMRA dye alone. Specific population was observed with respective percentages for both basal (8.3%) and differentiated (22.2%) cell types as represented in Table E. Data shown are calculated from six independent biological replicates (N = 6) and represent mean ± SD for respective concentrations (10 nM – 2 μM).