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Figures 10-24 in Archilestes neblina, a new damselfly from Costa Rica, with comments on the variability of A. latialatus Donnelly (Odonata: Lestidae)

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posted on 03.01.2020 by Garrison, R. W.
Figures 10-24. Male structures of Archilestes: 10-21, ventral and latel-alvlews of penes; 22-24, dorsal views of male abdominal appendages; 10-1 1,Archtlrstrs cali/ornzca, male. California: Solano Co.; 12-13, A. grandis, male. Venezuela: Miranda State; 14-15, A. latialatus, male. Mexico: Veracruz; 16-17, A, tuberalatus, male. T'enezuela: Aragua State; 18-19, A. exoletus, male. Argentina: Misiones Province; 20-21, A. rrgalis, male. Mexico: San Luis Potosi; 22, A. latialatus, paratype. Guatemala: Alta T'erapaz Province; 23, A. latialatus. Mexico: Veracruz; 24, A. latialatus. Costa Rica: Alajuela Province.