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posted on 2019-09-19, 23:50 authored by Ayako IzunoAyako Izuno, Thomas Wicker
Figure S1–S4 Distribution of transposable element (TE) families along the 11 Metrosideros polymorpha pseudomolecules. Shown are the distributions of six TE families selected from the 20 most abundant TE families in the M. polymorpha genome. Abundance of TE families is shown in bins of 1 Mb along pseudomolecules. The y-axis indicates the number of kb occupied by each TE family per 1 Mb bin. Note that the scales differ for different TE families. TE abundance is shown as a bar plot and as a heat map underneath. Inferred positions of centromeres are indicated with the letter “C” underneath the heat map. Some pseudomolecules have two regions with centromere signatures (indicated with “C?”), suggesting that we produced "hybrid" pseudomolecules that contain multiple centromeres due to high heterozygosity.


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