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posted on 2019-10-01, 08:14 authored by CIMR projectCIMR project
This figure comes from the CIMR Deliverable 100 (Societal Case Study 4) which reports on Monitoring Global Agroecosystems and Crop Yield Forecasting.

Drought episode in 2010 in Eastern Europe, Kazakhstan and Turkey captured by SMADI, with results from the comparison between EM-DAT drought events and SMADI records.

The SMADI index is scalable in time and space and has shown good agreement in spatial patterns and temporal extent when compared to other drought indicators at local and regional scales such as the Crop Moisture Index and the Soil Water Deficit Index. But it is conservative in its drought characterization –it captures 87.5% of the events but only classifies the 62.5% as extreme–, and shows a time coincidence of 71% on average.