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Fig. 7 in Two new rapacious nematodes from intertidal sediments, Gammanema magnum sp. nov. and Synonchium caudatubatum sp. nov. (Nematoda, Selachinematidae)

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posted on 29.07.2019, 08:18 by Shi, Benze, Xu, Kuidong
Fig. 7. Synonchium caudatubatum sp. nov., paratypes, ♀♀. A–B. Head, showing the same structures as male holotype. C. Spicules (arrow) of prey nematodes left in the intestine. D. Tail, showing the caudal glands with spinneret and the bluntly rounded tail with a protuberant caudal duct. E. Overview, showing the slightly slender body shape and two opposed testes. Scale bars: A–D = 50 µm, E = 100 µm.