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Fig. 6 in Two new rapacious nematodes from intertidal sediments, Gammanema magnum sp. nov. and Synonchium caudatubatum sp. nov. (Nematoda, Selachinematidae)

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posted on 29.07.2019, 08:18 by Shi, Benze, Xu, Kuidong
Fig. 6. Synonchium caudatubatum sp. nov. holotype, ♂ (A–C) and a paratype, ♂ (D). A–B. Head, showing the papillate sensilla, transverse oval amphideal fovea, transverse rows of punctuations, lateral cuticle pores, the broad anterior buccal cavity and narrow posterior buccal cavity with three mandibles each with seven teeth, and the swelling anterior end of pharynx. C. Tail, showing the almost straight spicules without gubernaculum, and the bluntly rounded tail with a protuberant caudal duct. D. Overview, showing the slightly slender body. Scale bars: A–C = 30 µm, D = 100 µm.