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posted on 03.02.2021, 18:51 authored by Joseph A. Politch, Susan Cu-Uvin, Thomas R. Moench, Karen T. Tashima, Jai G. Marathe, Kate M. Guthrie, Howard Cabral, Tara Nyhuis, Miles Brennan, Larry Zeitlin, Hans M. L. Spiegel, Kenneth H. Mayer, Kevin J. Whaley, Deborah J. Anderson

Forest plots of cytokines in CVLs: (A). The ratio (relative median ± 95% confidence interval) of Visit 3 (24 hours after single film) to Baseline concentrations in Segment A, and (B). The ratio (relative median ± 95% confidence interval) of Active film Visit 4 (24 hours after seventh film) to Placebo film Visit 4 concentrations in Segment B. No significant increases in cytokine concentrations were observed following Active film insertion or in Active film vs. Placebo film group comparisons.