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posted on 18.09.2020 by Celia Martinez de la Torre, Jasmine H. Grossman, Andrey A. Bobko, Margaret F. Bennewitz

FTIR spectra of the following temperature profiles: 20°C/min ramp with a) 5 min at 300°C, b) 15 min at 300°C, c) 30 min at 300°C, and 10°C/min ramp with d) 5 min at 300°C, e) 15 min at 300°C, and f) 30 min at 300°C. Asterisks represent oleyl groups, squares correspond to amine groups, and triangles show the vibration of Mn-O and Mn-O-Mn bonds. The oleyl group spectral regions are enlarged in the boxed insets to resolve the two distinct peaks.