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posted on 2022-05-19, 17:51 authored by Lucas Cardoso Lázari, Ivan Rodrigo Wolf, Amanda Piveta Schnepper, Guilherme Targino Valente

Cell cycle predictions of the LT (A) and HT (B) phenotypes under ethanol stress (the first experimental model simulation in Fig 1). The box color indicates the node values in each simulation state. Cell cycle arrest is defined when the simulation usually displays single-state attractors without the MASS node returning to ’0’, as observed here; otherwise, the simulation of the model returned a functional cell cycle. The M phase arrest in the LT (A) is evidenced here by MASS > ’0’ and MITOSIS_EXIT = ’1’. G1 arrest in the HT (B) is evidenced here by the MASS > ’0’, and DNA_Replication = ’0’. Details concerning arrests are reported in the ’Model cycling rationale’ and Eq 1 in the Materials and Methods section. Since the model simulations in A and B represented cell cycle arrests, the attractors are the last states depicted on the X-axis.