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posted on 2021-03-25, 18:05 authored by Leila F. Dantas, Igor T. Peres, Leonardo S. L. Bastos, Janaina F. Marchesi, Guilherme F. G. de Souza, João Gabriel M. Gelli, Fernanda A. Baião, Paula Maçaira, Silvio Hamacher, Fernando A. Bozza

SARS-CoV-2 infection risk map (grid) of Rio de Janeiro state, displaying the city of Rio de Janeiro (capital, left) and the city of Niteroi (right). The grid risk considered the proportion of potential positive infection (observed test results + estimated from the prediction model) for each grid (400mx400m area). The risk groups were obtained as very low (<17%), low (≥17% and <33%), medium (≥33% and <48%), high (≥48 and <63%), and very high (≥63%). The map shows the distribution of risks as of June 10, 2020. Map created by Dados do Bem app using OpenStreetMap @ 2020Mapbox.