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posted on 17.12.2020, 19:40 by Asim Khan, Umair Nawaz, Anwaar Ulhaq, Randall W. Robinson

Sample images from dataset: (a). Apple Scab, (b). Black Rot, (c). Cedar Apple Rust, (d). Apple Healthy, (e). Grape Black Rot, (f). Grape Esca, (g). Grape Leaf Blight, (h). Grape Healthy, (i). Peach Bacterial Spot, (j). Peach Healthy, (k). Potato Early Blight, (l). Potato Late Blight, (m). Potato Healthy, (n). Strawberry Leaf Scorch, (o). Strawberry Healthy, (p). Tomato Bacterial Spot, (q). Tomato Early Blight, (r). Tomato Late Blight, (s). Tomato Leaf Mold, (t). Tomato Septoria Leaf Spot, (u). Tomato Spider Mites, (v). Tomato Target Spot, (w). Tomato Leaf Curl Virus, (x). Tomato Mosaic Virus, (y). Tomato Healthy. From PlantVillage: (c), (d), (e), (g), (j), (k), (l), (m), (r), (s), (t), (w) and (z). From Tarnab Farm: (a), (b), (f), (h), (i), (n), (o), (p), (q), (u), (v) and (y).