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Fig. 2 in Two new rapacious nematodes from intertidal sediments, Gammanema magnum sp. nov. and Synonchium caudatubatum sp. nov. (Nematoda, Selachinematidae)

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posted on 29.07.2019, 08:21 by Shi, Benze, Xu, Kuidong
Fig. 2. Gammanema magnum sp. nov., paratype, ♀. A. Overview, showing the slender body shape, the cylindrical pharynx with anterior swollen portion, the two reflexed ovaries, the caudal glands with spinneret, and the conical tail. B. Surface view of head, showing the very small multispiral amphideal fovea, leaf-like inner (arrowheads) and outer (arrows) labial setae, four slender cephalic and four slender cervical setae, and the transverse rows of punctuations. C. Inside view of head, showing similar features as the male holotype. D. Cuticle with transverse rows of punctuations. E. Vulva. Scale bars: A = 100 μm, B–E = 50 μm.