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Fig. 1 in Two new rapacious nematodes from intertidal sediments, Gammanema magnum sp. nov. and Synonchium caudatubatum sp. nov. (Nematoda, Selachinematidae)

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posted on 29.07.2019, 08:21 by Shi, Benze, Xu, Kuidong
Fig. 1. Gammanema magnum sp. nov., holotype, ♂. A. Surface view of head, showing the very large amphideal fovea, six leaf-like outer labial setae, four slender cephalic and four slender cervical setae, and the transverse rows of punctuations. B. Inside view of head, showing the broad anterior buccal cavity reinforced by cuticularized rhabdia each with about six pointed denticles at the posterior end, the narrow and cylindrical posterior buccal cavity surrounded by six broad rhabdia, and the anterior pharynx swelling but not forming a bulb. C. Neck region, showing the pharynx surrounded by numerous cells, nerve ring, the large intestine cells filled of inclusions, and the irregular intestine lumen. D. Posterior region, showing the opposed testes with globular to oval sperm cells (arrowheads), the unequally long spicules, the caudal glands (arrows), and the short and conical tail. E. Two spicules. Scale bars: 50 μm.