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Feature ranking determined by neural network, random forest, and indicator species analysis.

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posted on 01.07.2019, 17:34 by Jaron Thompson, Renee Johansen, John Dunbar, Brian Munsky

(A) Venn diagram demonstrates agreement of 86 bacterial taxa out of the top 285 ranked taxa from machine learning methods. (B) Plots of the number of shared features between NN and IS (blue), RF and IS (orange), RF and NN (green), and all methods (red) as a function feature rank over 285 features. Monte Carlo simulation of the number of shared features expected by randomly sampling from 3 sets of 1709 features is plotted with a 99% confidence interval (black line, purple confidence inteval). The black dotted line indicates perfect agreement between the three sets of ranked features. (C) Plot of prediction performance on test data as measured by Pearson’s correlation coefficient versus number of features included in machine learning models. The data are binned such that each point represents the average prediction over 5 trials, where each subsequent trial includes an additional feature.