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FGF23 did not alter the RNA expression of vitamin D-related hydroxylases and the Vdr.

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posted on 17.05.2018, 08:17 authored by Larissa Kägi, Carla Bettoni, Eva M. Pastor-Arroyo, Udo Schnitzbauer, Nati Hernando, Carsten A. Wagner

Gene expression of Cyp27a1 (A), Cyp2r1 (B), Cyp27b1 (C), Cyp24a1 (D) and Vdr (E) was measured in kidney (Ki), liver (Li), small intestine (Si), colon (Co), bone (Bo), abdominal fat (Af) and brain (Br) samples of mice injected with recombinant human FGF23 (rhFGF23) once a day for two consecutive days (black bars) and the respective vehicle treated controls (white bars). Expression of the genes of interest was normalized to Gapdh (Hprt was used for normalization in bone). Graphs represent mean ± SD (n = 5-6/group) of relative changes, and data was analyzed by unpaired student’s t-test.