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FCS1 homology model.

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posted on 25.02.2019, 18:24 by Victoria Sodré, Juscemácia Nascimento Araujo, Thiago Augusto Gonçalves, Nathália Vilela, Antonio Sergio Kimus Braz, Telma Teixeira Franco, Mário de Oliveira Neto, André Ricardo de Lima Damasio, Wanius Garcia, Fabio Marcio Squina

N-terminal is composed by a Rossmann-like fold domain (CoA binding domain) followed by two domains with a flavodoxin-like fold, while the C-terminal corresponding to an ATP-grasp fold where is localized the ATP-binding site. CoA and ATP molecules are indicated in the figure and represented by colored spheres. The conserved residue His267 is represented by pink spheres. Structural distribution of conservation. Conservation degrees were converted into color gradients: pink—highly conserved (> 90%); white—partially conserved; green—little conserved (< 10%). Highly conserved residues (pink) are concentrated around the CoA and ATP molecules as well as around the conserved residue His267.