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Expression profiling of PeLEA family under dehydration and cold stresses.

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posted on 09.11.2016, 17:41 by Zhuo Huang, Xiao-Juan Zhong, Jiao He, Si-Han Jin, Han-Du Guo, Xiao-Fang Yu, Yu-Jue Zhou, Xi Li, Ming-Dong Ma, Qi-Bing Chen, Hai Long

a, Heatmap of expression values (showed by log2 RPKM values) in control, and in treated samples 2h and 8h after treatment; b, Percentage of genes in different expression levels under normal conditions; c, Percentage of genes exhibiting different responses to dehydration and cold; d, Comparison of fold changes of co-upregulated genes under dehydration and cold stresses. The expression data is obtained through two biological replicates. The relatedness of two replicates was present in S1 Fig. The black bars on the left indicate paralogous genes.